In the world of Chinese ink paintings and calligraphy, black is not just black. There are five tones of black ink: Dark dry ink, dark heavy ink, heavy ink, light ink, and bland ink. They are subtle variations of one traditional color. We therefore pursue the artisan technique to the extend that one can be fascinated by a single brush stroke. This is the ethos we constantly abide by.


-  MoreBLACK -

To be simple,

to be good.

在東方書畫的世界裡,墨分五色-焦、濃、重、淡、清,「墨」並不是一個簡單的黑,談的是更細微的變化,萬千絢麗的世界淺藏於墨色之中。 一抹墨黑能引人入勝,能讓人為之著迷,這就是我們一直在追尋的簡單信念。

─ 東方墨LOGO取自MoreBlack的M&B。